Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real Representatives

Pundits and experts were talking junk!! just  like ESPN about the Spurs vs The Heat;  asking how real is it? 

Whose running it? how does it work?  whats the deal? like the Whitey Bulger business is it authentic? 

Whose running it? so called real dealers were coming out of the woodwork that was actually synthetic!

Hardboard or hardi-plank?  please!! these crooks dipped to and from the bank!!  the hoodwink "okey doke"  was pulled!! it was pathetic! 

The system wasn't on one accord..the power held by a fanatic was taken!! like the Miami Heat they had the rug pulled out from under them!

Earlier they mentioned they were authentic!! real representatives!! but found out there's no benevolence; now they're "drugged out" after they get whats coming to them! 

O-Dizzle is authentic; a real representative!! putting that breakbeat sound out!! now the devil gets mad about it! 

O-Zone was authentic; carrying a sword of truth..he's dedicated ...that's what he's about kid! 

Jokers still had their doubts about it; like a lot of folk are about the NSA Prism programs;  sideways glances were the revelations!

 Word from this real representative from the Louisville / Newburg area? some jokers said there's guilt by association!

Guilt by association like Bank of America employees involved in mortgage fraud... 

Doors were closing for so called real representatives ..some balled now like Chrysler Jeeps..they're recalled... 


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