Monday, June 24, 2013

Business As Usual / Going Through The Rites and Rituals

Its like some kind of secret order or secret society..shady dealings like Carlyle Group / Booz Allen Hamilton...whats happening man? it goes down as we go through the rites and rituals! 

Louisville / Newburg representative!! my kind are discrete with it! I grew up with habituals!

Somewhat like Wikileakers helping Snowden  but not that wide open.....they were just criminals able to interpret the subliminals and read between the lines!

Winning or losing streaks? what would Jesus do / what would a Louisville brotha do?  similar type of minds?

Street code / discrete mode? similar type of crimes on different levels are committed by NSA type  high and low tech criminals! 

DaVinci Code type of moves made? similar type of signs and symbols used by different devils!  I see them going through their rites and rituals! 

Different tools used by shadetree mechanics;  pitchforks, shovels,  pistols,  missiles, and even like Boston;  pressure cookers and crock pots! 

Different fools were flipping out!! while O-Zone works it out after feeling the pressure from crooks; but O-Dizzle will rock spots! 

Different schools of thought flunked some as they went through their rites and rituals!

Different rules followed by this bruh!! the train of thought is rolling!! we let you know what it do or does!

....after somebody asked me; whats up bruh? I was playing the field like Curtis Mayfield trying to get over...mathematics are dropped after being in the mainstream..

Tsk Tsk Tsk!! damn!! thats what Smithfields Food told Paula Deen!! and others were seen with George Zimmerman types..due to hypes by fanatics in the mainstream

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