Monday, June 10, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues / Routines Rites and Rituals PT. 4

As we proceed and continue;  the saga / struggle continues....were all going through the routines, rites and rituals! 

True indeed!! were caught out there like the homie from Ohio stranded on I-75 in Kentucky...or like Edward Snowden after he got open..caught up in the Reign of Terror? now the saga struggle continues! 

Some might feel lucky like the Google search logo...or others caught out there like Bradley Manning will let you know...whose understanding old girl? she said the Lord continues to bless us! 

Ms Peters said you "can't trust to luck" ...whose understanding? knowing they need to stay on one accord with the higher power as the apparatus continues to stress us! 

NSA Prism and the streets were watching!! they saw you get on board the 15 Candler Rd bus headed towards Decatur! you living? the heat is on!! ask Tiago Splitter and the Spurs against Lebron and D Wade!!  the mortgage hasn't been paid?  phone calls are received from a hater! 

Dude down here in the ATL was a "don't stop get it getter" but the heat is on a thin ice skater; melting the how they fall through the lake! 

Going through the routines, rites and rituals; whose down for the cause? Superman..the Man of Steel? whose rolling with him?  homie will fall through with a fake!

Rolling up on the spot;  whose riding shotgun like old Western cowboy movies?  jake will scare them off! 

Going through the routines, rites and rituals fronting; they were trying to show off! 

Going through the routines, rites and rituals; letting you know what it do what it does;  I'm trying to flow off into the galaxy!

Going through the routines, rites and rituals; the mothership got good mileage!!  dipping from jokers trying to get foul with me!

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