Friday, June 28, 2013

Damn!! Something's Wrong

I see, smell, and hear something; like a protestor yelling "it ain't right" ...something must be wrong! 

Run and tell it like Edward Snowden... that's what a snitch or whistle blower will do;  check the Reign Of Terror..somebody is wrong! 

Run and fail it?  the marathon!! whatcha knowing bro? some lack stamina! 

Something "just ain't right" per Keith Sweat; pandemic or epidemic? scientists say the strain is like the Andromeda! 

Something is wrong!! some sweat the technique after Eric B and Rakim told them not to; now we have more drama!

Some of us are strong during the drama and intrigue; check the Sonic Assault!! we rock them and those that bring the drama! 

Whose your momma or daddy?   please!! I kept it moving...some will have to holla back at me! holla at a scholar! 

....after doing the knowledge; jumping / recognizing...after looking, smelling..even hearing; maybe even feeling!! if its authentic?  holla at a scholar! 

Peeping game;  something is wrong!! like the Vatican accountant arrested for fraud...its not all about a dollar like they said it was!

Sleeping in the game?  whats up son like New Yorkers? whats up cuz?  like in the Midwest;  whats up homie like on the West Coast? whats up pimping?  like in the Dirty South..that was the buzz!

Creeping in the game  like Gen. James Cartwright?  please!! I can tell something ain't right...something's wrong...

Creeping in the game...working on a come up..trying to get it right..proving to the masses somebody is still strong...

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