Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.3

 I heard what was said!! my response? like Obama at G8 or like Paula Deen down in Savannah...more catch phrases and cliches! 
Intergalactic!! Pluto / Mars capers...dipping through Cancer Sun rays!! while earthlings deal with armchair quarterbacks calling plays!

Check out how this son of God plays..dropping mathematics  on fanatics who act like they know!! these days there's a lot them! 

Erratic was how the game was played per Russell Westbrooks;  where's the rest of the crooks?  its easy to spot them!

The Sonic Blackjack will level the playing field..all up in the game!!  considered hazardous material when O-Dizzle came through with the drum! 
Trying to get over per Curtis Mayfield in Superfly;  like civil rights theme songs?  we shall overcome! 

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