Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Steps Ahead PT.2

 I kept it moving!! staying elusive in Babylon!! in this forest / wilderness you have to stay ten steps ahead! 

Fires burn like Black Forest's hot bruh!! whatcha knowing? somewhat like Edward Snowden? naw!! but I'm doing whats conducive to maintaining my freedom;  don't start the revolution without me!! that was word from the dread! 

....also from Jesse heard me?  naw!! instead some will listen to jokers trying to run the "okey doke"
Bernie Madoff style!! maybe even Bernie Mac style; R.I.P....but this is no joke! 

O-Dizzle will go off...hazardous material when Beats and English are broken?  please!! its like hearts and spirits are here in Babylon!
What we have is spiritual...typing into this Samsung phone or hitting the loose leaf with black ink; electronic thoughts transfer!!  jokers wonder what I'm on!!

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