Sunday, June 23, 2013

Damn!! I Still Felt The Pressure PT.2

 It was like I was in the melting pot...or an old school Detroit auto plant or Pittsburgh steel foundry... things were getting hot.. felt the pressure!
Rolling in an old school Buick Regal built in Detroit before jobs were outsourced...rocking the Louisville / Newburg swag / steelo..but its was like helter skelter up in this thing!!  check out the reign of terror..jokers will try to test ya! 
...its like Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev using pressure cookers when blowing up Boston Marathons;  its on / paying the price...the cost to live in these I try to run these marathons;  it got lonely out there! 

Full court pressure like Louisville Cardinals?  or shooting over Syracuse's zone?  what was I on? they had me way way out there! 

Acting a fool?  abort missions? negative impressions?  a hot mess for ya?  whats the deal? please!! like Edward Snowden dipping but for a different reason;  its about freedom.. I'm out there!! thats where I go with this!

Not chilling with Putin and them...acting like I'm going to rule...I'm carrying a sword of truth...lies? I'm disputing I go for this...

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