Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dedication / Down For The Cause

So whats up?  please!!  like Paula Deen  jokers were talking the other I'm chilling!! I wasn't up in the mixture! 

So whats up?  I couldn't be at ease dealing with the madness; so I'm  hitting jokers up with the Sonic Assault;  plus check the good word in the scripture! 

As we hip ya to whats going down in Babylon / worldwide;  actually the frontier is intergalactic! 

Danger zone residents already know!! like Morsi in Egypt..they're dealing with a fanatic! 

Whats Really Going On? my other blog...O-Zone will drop these mathematics; based on the more I see with the fresh view / fresh vision...were trying to deal with it.. maybe somebody will understand me! 

Tariffs and fees charged in this zone by the apparatus!! check out the student loan corporations were price the price now or later like grape candy! 

Whose fair with this?  like the NSA vs The European Union;  whose acting brand new again? checking out the ongoing reign of terror ...damn!! where did the mothership land me? 

Whose fair with this?  like Edward Snowden to Ecuador..checked out the score..the situation / instigation... grey area scenarios going down!! but my fresh vision didnt abandon me! 

Still down for the cause!! check the dedication!! as we put it down like this! 

Still down for the cause!! spiritual warfare is going down!! we continue to fight this!

Usually found where the light is...while others were misled..waiting in the dark...

Were showing dedication..trying to bring life to a dead an arsonist...fires we spark..

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