Friday, June 11, 2010

Back In The B-I-Z. .....

What it do? what's the deally? what's the dizzle? escape routes are maintained!

Things have gotten ugly!! like volcanic ash over Europe was more than a drizzle...the acid rained.

Plus hackers attacked the mainframe...damn!! things will blow up like BP oil the system is down.

Jackers were busy!! check the timeframe..just took a few seconds for the caper to go down.

Those pimping and macking like Van Der Sloot played mind games!! they didn't want to let it go!

I was bouncing and limping through!! peeped game!! knew some were shady from the get go!

They even tried to play me!! raided the spot like Mexican rehab facilities..thought I couldn't read and write like others.

Somebody lied!! told them they weren't dealing with revolutionary brothers.

The other other strategy is used!! some won't get it..played a bruh like Alvin Greene.. maybe need to forget it..the smoke and mirrors have others confused...and they're showing it.

But another's strategy or hustle is not knocked!! do whatcha gotta!! play on the Lakers without Bynum....act like your knowing it!

Unless this brother's agenda is clocked... then there's gonna be a problem.

The DJ O-Dog is the beat blender!! he rocked the sound!! problems he solved them.

Instant replay of old vinyl and O-Zone returns to sender the negative messages..told you!! they tried to play mind games.

A bruh is a sonic defender..but they're mad at me!! like they are at BP ....said I didn't follow time frames.

Rules and regulations were ignored!! God is in control..recognize.

Late registrations accepted!! they'll let you keep pursuing the prize.

Confusion and frustration? that's business as usual.

But it goes down!! act like you knew a bro.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Not Worried About It!!!

Not worried about it!! I took it to the Lord in prayer.

Working it all out!! opposition met..haters said Im a crook and a player.

Working it all out!! my aura has a thick layer!! plus I'm too broke to charge it to the game.

Working it all out!! broken beats and english is the basis!! realizing that it's all game.

The saga struggle continues!! it's never ending!! it's a damn shame.

What's on a chef's in hells kitchen menu? I'll be the one to catch the blame.

Whose snitching..whose lame in the game? forces are merging.

Whose ditching the stolen vehicle after capers are pulled? due to big homies urging.

Plans are put in motion!! while others are living in a fantasy world.

Radio and TV told them how it should be then the drama unfurled.

Meanwhile no peace in the Middle East!! rocks were hurled by Palestine youth!! in the hood bullets by wannabe Mafioso.

Under the basket in the NBA who jockeys for position? centers and power forwards..check the scenario.

NRA ready to blast on barrios out in Arizona!! meanwhile we drop funk on ya exercise power that the Lord gave us.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! the apparatus was trying to enslave us.

In the heart of it!! I shave us off a little something!! it's all we really need.

Homie said my aura seems disturbed!! but my appetite is curbed!! true indeed.