Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is The Rebirth..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is The Rebirth..: "The rebirth takes place...I can feel it while soaking up Scorpio sun rays. Landed on earth...October rolls into November...earthlings prou..."

As Usual...I Kept It Moving

A brotha tries to keep it moving..similar to the South to North migration.

...Back in the day..check your history..not his-tory..know the situation.

One step ahead of stormtroopers in this Babylon nation!! the hooptie cuts the corner.

Whatcha facing? trying to be thorough like terror investigators? checking packages..meanwhile another makes it harder than it has to be by trying to cut a corner?

...Who crossed the border like in Arizona? left the state they were down here in Atlanta Georgia.

It's out of order!! the state of mind..some said it's business not personal!! now there's a rally to restore sanity..who'll understand a bruh?

I hated rejection!! where did it land a bruh? in cemeteries..correctional facilities..all up in file thirteen!

I hated perfection!!! not associated with humans..during the process? somebody's hurting!

.....It wasn't working!! the process was hurt by the hypocricy.

I wasn't working with it? please!!! this breakbeat science is prophecy!

Freedom is my top priority!! but I layed in the cut..avoided the resurgency...drama was at the doorstep....the coast wasn't clear.

Whose fronting? I see them!! wouldn't want to be them..they brag and boast!! just to hide the fear!

I'll free them...steering the mothership to a safe haven a safe harbor!

I kept it moving!!! I wasn't fooling with them!! the system? I see it's hatred they harbor!!

Dipped across the border in the Buick Regal!! doing a hundred.

Others skipped steps during the process!! now things are out of order!! but I'm done with it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chavez, Gaddafi meet in Libya to build power among global "south" - Monsters and Critics

Chavez collaborates with Gaddafi for a remix..

Chavez, Gaddafi meet in Libya to build power among global "south" - Monsters and Critics

Unconventional Wisdom..

The economy made us break it down!! now focused on basic essentials.

What's up with me? trying to stay positive in a negative environment..I recognize what the potential is.

Unconventional wisdom is dropped!! might have to read between the lines.

Local? international? actually universal!! didn't need NASA to travel to the ISS!! traveling through the galaxies reading the signs.

Multi-dimensional!! hard for those reading me!! some will love..some will hate..firing me like Juan Williams? or fines and penalties were the proposal.

Whatcha been through? these days? I come equipped..there'll be no Wikileaks..with weapons at my disposal.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position is what I know these days and times!!

Whose with me? added support like Miami did Stackhouse..usually minding and the lab working on beats and rhymes!

Accused of war crimes like in Iraq? then some will say I'm like D Wade...the man of the hour.

What's really going on? bruised and scarred!! even a few burns from the fireshower.

Where am I these days? Up in the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix talked about peeping game.

Watching out for the foul one that didn't pump brakes like Bendix!! said "don't blame the player"..blame the game.

Sending the message in the songs!!! after a prayer went up!! soon showered with blessings.

Through the passage? it'll be more than paranormal activity 2..miracles were performed!! so that's what I'm expecting.

Soon collecting my thoughts...selecting some at random....then on blogpsot or even blogster I'm posting them up.

Epiphanies were on the clearance rack for them and those!! like at today's Macy's One Day Sale...I'm letting them and those know whats up!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nick Cannon: Chelsea Handler Is Angry, Ugly White Trash | News One

Nick Cannon: Chelsea Handler Is Angry, Ugly White Trash | News One

Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger 'unbearable' -

keith richards vs mick jagger..

Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger 'unbearable' -

Ghetto Physics - "Will the Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up"

........from the movie "ghetto physics" ...letting the masses know what it do..what it does and what it is!!

T.I. Goes Back to Jail for 11 Months; Disappoints Fans, But Kids Will Suffer Most

T.I. Goes Back to Jail for 11 Months; Disappoints Fans, But Kids Will Suffer Most

Oakley Sunglasses Spotlighted in Chile Miner Rescue

Chilean Miners fronting hard in the Oakley sunglasses after they were rescued..

Oakley Sunglasses Spotlighted in Chile Miner Rescue

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Breakthrough Is Coming..

What's the deal? they had a bruh cursing and praying at the same time.

..But I knew a breakthrough was coming...operating like Les Miles and LSU.. playing it the same's game time!!

Where did the journey take you? they had us coming and going!! but that's business as usual.

Who'll work with me and you? are we loved by anyone? dude said it's not unusual!!

That's word from Tom Jones...what it do? Carlton seen dancing like on the Fresh Prince.

Word on the curb? O-Zone is funky fresh in the flesh!! regardless of the circumstance.

Herb or Gus were in charge...revenge of the nerds?I was Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch!! but haters had the nerve to say I hurt my chances!! but I stay low until the smoke clears...

What's up with us? heard haters joking about your irrational fears...

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! not just!! there's drama like Pakistan's!! the world is corrupt a bruh had to steer the Mothership away.

...On to a safe harbor..knew the firestarter wouldn't holla back!! I knew how they would play!!

Told them I'm not trying to start with ya!!..the funk will I had Random Thoughts...

I put these epiphanies on the clearance rack..there are no more second thoughts..

Told to let it go and let God..quit second guessing!! old dude said is what it is.

Whatcha know? God is blessing us!!! and that's no empty promise.

Attended the so called meeting of the minds..similar to the IMF meetings..entities made promises they couldn't keep...

What's the deal? check the greetings from this breakbeat scientist..haters thought he wouldn't creep!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Damn!! So What's Really Going On??

Damn!!!! OK!!! so what's really going on? like my other blogs name.

Damn!! in this zone? these folks lied!! they said the smoke and fog was tame.

But haters played games...smoke was enhanced by horrors and terrors were emphasized..

Spotted others who danced with the devil..that level was epitomized..

...spotted some in the drive thru..value meals super sized for a little extra!!

Spotted others..acted like they Kanye West..they were acting special a little extra.

Spotted others while out in the galaxy!! extraterrestrial out on the edge!! meanwhile on earth there's clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

They plotted and schemed!! Americans were told to be vigilant in Europe.. plans were made..but it goes down another way!! some can't get it right!

Double teamed in the low post like they once did Shaq? some say "it aint right" ..there's no triangle offense!

What it do? whose caught in the storm out by the Bermuda Triangle? some say it seemed like the Los Angeles Lakers or Chicago Bulls in the office!

Bulls knocked over the china cabinet!! plus I spotted the elephant in the room.

Fools will get knocked from Atlanta to Japan and China...or out in Tibet at the temple of doom.

Schools rocked from Iraq to Afghanistan!! students told to put down the shrooms and opium..told to assume the position.

Then old and new schools will get rocked by this steady bombardment of the enemy position..

O-Zone did the math what's up with the multiplication and the division?

Please!! were on a different path...we won't stop and we're not quitting..

I-85 Chronicles PT.2....The Aftermath... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

I-85 Chronicles PT.2....The Aftermath... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster