Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT. 10

Caught out there on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  like Democrats trying to decide about a Trump impeachment!! but due to the exposure I'm soaking up game like I soaked in the tub with hot water mixed with epsom salts. 

Caught out here!! things can go either way  dealing with these fanatics,  but the old school Baptist preacher "preached it"  so I'm maintaining my composure, soaking in the spirit of the Lord!!  the ultimate cloaking device!!  the spirit from the Heavenly Father is caught! 

Check the exposure, like the Mueller Report the devil was in the details;  some are caught up in the system / matrix;  bamboozled and hoodwinked. 

Losing their composure? like NFL Draft prospects waiting on their name to be called in Nashville acting brand new in the sport? that coping strategy fails one!! they stared into the eye of the tiger; one soon blinks. 

Maintaining our composure, but not fronting like some of my constituents from Nashville aka Cashville; we negotiate brinks of disasters!! glad that the old school  prayer and faster was down with us!  

Check out the exposure; those that hate are confronted by prayer warriors,  praying harder and faster!! I told you they're down with us!! 

Maintaining our composure, but due to the exposure we'll stay on code;  that's the advice received from some of my other constituents.

Maintaining our composure while writing this code plus when we go into funk mode!! plus praying is the mode!!  a default one!! these days? due to the exposure these Americans self medicate with opioids;  opiates and barbiturates.

Maintaining our composure,  trying to deal with this /  real with this / somebody can feel this;  it's a big world / universe.

Some are losing their composure trying to deal with this!! from Christcurch to Sri Lanka  weapons used a blessing or a curse?

Due to the exposure?  check out the weapons used; O-Zone? dropping this good word / sermon like he's in Christ's church while  O-Dizzle is the "Chief Rocka" like the Lords of The Underground..

Maintaining our composure on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday but reality bruised and battered us, we  had to listen to a good sermon from the church plus we're caught up in the sound!!

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