Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT. 7

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza,  but at the moment we're dropping this good word; some will understand a brotha due to the exposure..

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump is the business!! y'all know what the deal is!! we're all trying to maintain our composure...

Check the exposure, we're back on the set again after the brief hiatus;  it's time to catch up on our pimping. 

Check the exposure, we're back on the set again!!  even Amp Fiddler and Dames Brown said we're slipping on our pimping! 

Please!! it's easy to lose your composure!! this game it's not a simple thing,  the sport is complex. 

Check the exposure, signs and wonders of the world are confusing;  spotted the white dude rocking the doo rag up in Louisville / the  Portland area; damn!!  what's next?

Check the exposure, signs and wonders of the world that devils are using per Mark 13 :22, act like you knew!! check how we retaliate with this steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Check the exposure as we compose this Sonic Assault mission statement; unlike the William Barr redacted Mueller Report we're  never late with it;  we're on a mission.

We're not losing composure, check these mathematics rebuking assaults from the mainstream!!  we're not playing!! dealing with everything from Amber Alerts to supposedly a crooks exoneration.

Nuking led to faults,  now the earthquakes!!  a lot of these earthlings are fakes,  shirking responsibilities and obligations.

Not juking like Number 23 Barry Sanders back in the day!! they're soon losing their composure after being caught up in unpleasant situations!!

Due to maintaining are composure we were wise to the whole set up, now we keep it moving we can't let up!!

We're maintaining, but due to the exposure we're playing it like the Ohio Players;  Running From The Devil; trying to take things to the next level!! we can't let up!!

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