Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT.5

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can play out either way...

Some will lose their composure after the exposure; will it be like William Barr before Congress asked about the Mueller Report? how will they play?

O-Zone will choose to compose this good word without redactions,  check these interactions due to being blessed and highly favored!!

Zones were hit up by O-Dog composed mixes after he felt the pressure!!  taking actions against systematic fixes; he usually has product that's funk flavored..

Zones were hit up, my constituents were stressed due to the exposure!! no justice no peace was the outcry!! throughout the years?  not a damn thing has changed.

Being caught up in the system / matrix was mentioned earlier!! some of us will lose are composure!!  it's just us paying penalties and fees as the madness will increase!!  my constituents?  estranged. 

Check us out: no one will do us favors like Trump declaring the Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard  Corps a terrorist organization to help Benjamin Netanyahu  in his election; meanwhile we're willing to pay the price to be free but I see the powers that be are price gouging. 

Some lose their composure due to the exposure but back in the day? O-Zone was cold as the polar vortex!! rocking the Nehru jacket plus the turban, that outfit was working!! but I see how the system will  play,  we're out here putting in work while they're lounging.

Some lose their composure due to the exposure, bipolar!! especially when the sport gets complex and you'll have to go to overtime to win the game like Virginia beating Texas Tech...

Some lose their composure due to the exposure, a high roller mentioned by Ice-T but finding out how real it'll be; it didn't matter if it was high or low tech...

Some lose their composure due to the exposure; "it ain't nothing nice"; some were heard saying damn!! what's next?

Please!!! the devil is opposed to ya but you should already know bro!! damn!! in Babylon, what can you expect? 

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