Friday, April 19, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT. 8

It's rough up in the sport,  check the release of the Mueller Report; it'll be hard for lame duck presidents to keep their composure..

It's rough up in the sport!! no justice no peace is the outcry for a brotha!! the game is over / up for danger zone residents!! check the exposure..

It's rough up in the sport!! due to the exposure buzzers /  alarms /  bells and whistles were going off!! due to the inclement weather passing through Georgia as I type this?  it's storming!!

Losing our composure? Danger Will Robinson, Danger!! what's up with the stranger?  some of them were silent earlier,  but nobody wanted to work with ya!!  something about paranoia; warning!!  warning!!

Something about paranormal? a free ranger?  now you're in another storm bro!! check the Kodak Black /  Kodak moment  exposure!!  who conjured it up?

Something that's not normal? earlier O-Dizzle mentioned reason gave way to madness!! check the manipulation,  due to the collateral damage?  injuries are up.

O-Zone / O-Dizzle? we knew the reign began with a drizzle so we maintain our composure!! y'all probably heard my motto by now!! of course,  it's let the music play!!

 Clones / drones are confronted, even on this Good Friday the apparatus fronted!! of course we kept it moving!! per this Flashback Friday it's like Don't stop the music per Yarbrough and People's !! doing this for my peoples!!  please!!  we don't play.

Clones / drones are confronted!!  It's similar to Don't Mute DC y'all feel me?  colonizers try to play us the other way. 

Affected by gentrification?  check the latest indications; don't mute DC might be a good idea in another form or fashion as politicians run off at the mouth like Sarah Sanders ; somebody might understand us!!  peeping game is how this brotha will play. 

Keeping my composure, what more can a brotha say? the thought and fashion police are staying busy!   had to admit it's like the Geto Boys;  sometimes our mind plays tricks on us. 

Check the exposure; seeing how another will play!! I was  told to let it go boy,  you're paranoid!!  that's the knowledge they kick to us.

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