Monday, April 08, 2019

The Funky Party Mix Vol. 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; my motto? of course it's Let The Music Play!!!

We should already know by now, the what / when /  where or how!! of course we're still peeping game trying to see How These Others Will Try To Play!!

You should already know these brothas will pray and keep it moving!! not sleeping in the game but excuse us  for Spring Breaking / Spring Cleaning / Spring Training...

Now we'll get back to business, it's time to get down!! creeping up in the game on those breaking all the rules; those that were evil were reigning..

Now we'll get back to business, it's time to get down!! maintaining!! breaking these fools!! we'll set this O-Dog Day Party off early listening to The Funky Party Mix Vol. 3

It's courtesy of DJ Steve Adams, the cat is jamming!! check out the playlist and the mix you see what I'm saying!!

1. Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez - Got Me Now (Jerome Robins Remix)
2. Jorge Montia - My Love
3. Double Bass ft Djixx - Last Night
4. DJ Falk - Been A Long Time (Federico Scavo Remix)
5. Crystal Waters with Musique Boutique - Gypsy Woman (Gianni Coletti vs Keejay Freak Remix)
6. Sara Parker - My Love Is Deep (The Fierce Collective Remix)
7. Kirill Slider - Don't Call Me Baby (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix)
8. Yves Murasca & Ezzy Safaris - Bunga Bunga (You Got Me)
9. Sanya Shelest - Nymph
10. Hysteric Ego - Want Love (Crazibiza & Jerome Robins Mix)
11. Simlock & Wildchild - The Whistler Is Back Once Again (Peter Walley aka Peat Jr Mashup)
12. Ron Carroll vs Swaylo - Let Life Shine (Strobe Remix)
13. Harry Romero - Tania (Jorge Montia Remix)
14. Rio Dela Duna ft LT Brown - Live 4 2 Day (Kid Shakers Remix)

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