Friday, April 19, 2019

When House Meets Disco Vol. 6

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; it's going down on this rainy day in the Atlanta area!!

It didn't stop this O-Dog Day Party from transpiring!! setting the roof on fire up in this thing like it's the Notre Dame Cathedral so what it do? we rebuke the mass hysteria...

Didn't quit / stop we kept it moving exhibiting this Friday Feeling, this is history in the making like shady Mueller Report dealing...

Didn't quit / stop we kept it moving providing Friday motivation,  still riding for freedom; the real thing!! 

Out here riding off of I-20 in Atlanta, got off at the next exit; it looks like were at the intersection When House Meets Disco Vol. 6

It's provided by DJ Groove as we stay on the move; please!! it's going down!! check out the playlist and the mix

TRACKLIST 01.(00:00) Stephane Deschezeaux - Deep Inside
02. (05:47) Steve Taylor, Ozzy & Stix - How I Feel (Richard Earnshaw)
03. (10:10) Disco Darlings - Bus Stop
04. (16:53) Micky More, Andy Tee - Moody (Dr Packer)
05. (21:25) Madji'k - Always There (Revisited Disco)
06. (29:19) Seb Skalski - 5 Minutes Disco
07. (33:33) Full Intention - The Guitar (Full Intention Hi)
08. (37:34) Sammy Deuce - Smack My Strings Up
09. (44:03) KerZe - Osa
10. (49:13) Mattei & Omich - Dancer
11. (53:54) Hatiras, Angelo Ferreri - Soul On Fire
12. (1:00:51) Austins Groove - Disco Doctor
13. (1:04:08) Charles J - Do You Want
14. (1:07:21) T.U.R.F. - Sneaky Ways

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