Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hubert Laws - Undecided

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; this is word from a retro-futuristic mystic!!

The saga / struggle continues as Throwback Thursday thoughts have me "feeling some kind of way"; damn!! time is moving fast, checked the past episodes; damn!! did I miss that or this?

The saga / struggle continues as I go back to the future, self inflicted injuries had me getting sutures so let the healing process begin!!

Reflecting on past episodes while listening to some jazz; Sunday and Jazz go together as I like to say; memories of cruising down Broadway up in Louisville towards Shawnee Park was the play on a Sunday; that's what was happening!! 

Checking out this classic  track from Hubert Laws called Undecided; your dude is smiling, because up in the Buick Electra aka deuce and a quarter?  this is something we would ride to!

Check out the players and the track!! word from this classic man O-Zone breaking it down!! letting you know what it do!! 

...Hubert Laws on the flute.

..with Steve Gadd on the drums

... Gary King on bass

...Bob James on the keyboards

..Ralph MacDonald on percussions

....Eric Gale on guitar....

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