Friday, April 05, 2019

The I-75 / I-65 Chronicles: Spring Breaking / Cleaning / Training

Breaking north, rolling up I-75 through East Tennessee headed north; riding / rolling!!   trying to get over the hump!! trying to get  peace to be still but that last nerve was disturbed.

Spring breaking / cleaning / training but couldn't be at ease due to the shady deal as Trump and his peeps are maintaining even picking Herman Cain for the Fed Board while some of his other  peeps were humming / bumming!! spotted up at the Marathon gas station in Knoxville trying to get enough gas to get over to Broadway, I see how they play!! now my appetite was curbed.

Breaking a leg? spotted homie, he was trying to be a star so  he moved to Nashville!! seen walking down Broadway with his guitar!! per Flashback Friday,  mentioned by George Benson on his Broadway cut?   O-Dog? back in the day spotted  up in Louisville "laying in the cut"; why? because  the old school Olds Cutlass Supreme aka the Cut Dog  was curbed due to the slipping transmission.

Breaking bad like Walter White?  rolling down Broadway in Louisville but per Flashback Friday reflections was the deal plus or minus for an old fool that kept it moving?  intergalactic!!  my team comes through per a satellite transmission.

Breaking  a leg in Atlanta, like other seekers in the New Hollywood? whats the deal / what's good? showing ambition and initiative dealing with it!! what?  the madness.

Breaking north, rolling up I-75 through Lexington  then on I-64 to Louisville, showing and proving  / on a mission;  the saga / struggle continues, we're  out here dealing with the madness.

Damn!! there's no Brexit deal, the situation is a complex one!! wishing to was simple but knowing it never is...

Not fake with it, on the case but like Joe Biden I gave some their space; no gorilla pimping like R Kelly y'all know what the deal is!

American Gods, real with this pimping, rocking a suit like Mr Nancy?  naw!! not that fancy but  per Flashback Friday?  O-Zone is guerrilla pimping per Guerrillas In Tha Mist like Da Lench Mob..

Featuring Ice Cube; O-Zone did the math like rubik's  cube in the midst of the madness; operating like Mr Wednesday on American Gods?  going back to the source was the job..

Spring breaking / cleaning / training occurred while rolling up I - 75 towards Louisville, points of emphasis reflected on while on I-65 in Nashville..

Now rolling down I-20 in Atlanta maintaining that fact -finding tour intensity with an Obama Audacity to Hope / trying to cope / keep it real..

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