Monday, April 22, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT. 9

Another Monday morning has rolled up / pulled up; Easter Sunday / Resurrection Weekend is over with; rest  in peace to Sri Lanka victims affected by the bombing  / maximum exposure..

Being built or torn down due the debatable circumstance? in this section my constituents are Wells Fargo / shady banker victims out here trying to maintain their composure..

Trying to maintain our composure, taking chances but bearing witness to the critical stage of development as seasons / reasons change.

Trying to maintain our composure!! knowing what the deal is,  pushing the envelope going postal as we move to Taurus season!!  peeps acting strange?

 Plus the exposure to the Libra full Moon will make a fool swoon!! maybe it was like Trump,  something about no collusion.

I checked the exposure, I see ya out there where reason gave way to madness!!  out in the total chaos /  confusion.

Trying to maintain our composure, but y'all probably heard me say this time and time again;  it's rough out here.!!

Trying to maintain our composure!! trying to find somebody to work with me, but they play me and my people like we're unworthy out here! 

Check the exposure as seasons / reasons change as we move to Taurus season;  we're out here trying to clear away the debris from the inclement weather / spring showers.

Due to the exposure?  we're out here representing!! clearing our auras of cosmic debris,  by products of cosmic karma!! per Music Monday/ we're peeping game like Jimi Hendrix all along Watchtowers.

Due to the exposure? we're watching ourselves during these hours!! like Democrats thinking of impeaching Trump  sometimes pumping brakes like Bendix!!  other times?  moving full steam ahead. 

Trying to maintain our composure!! went on with our bad selves,  watching what we do to ourselves as the drama comes to a head.

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