Monday, April 15, 2019

Composure / Exposure PT.6

As I've mentioned before, it's rough out here!! but like Tiger Woods winning the Masters we're trying to maintain our composure..

Oh yes!! per Music Monday? we're  "so ruff so tuff" like Zapp and Roger even though it's tight in these hoods!! some will succumb to the exposure..

So how will I play? I'll be doing what I do, my constituents will roger that!! like Trump causing Rep Ilhan Omar to receive death threats  I don't want to hear anybody's mouth!!  they can do what they want to do.

How were they trying to play? due to the exposure I'm acting like I knew!! somebody's mouth was slick , I'm wondering what they want from you? 

How were they trying to play? some lost their composure, some people should buy a clue!!  but even though Steve Mnuchin said the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is working  I know the money "ain't right"

Check the exposure as these shade tree mechanics are up to their antics; check the technical difficulties,  the machine "ain't tight"

Some are losing their composure as seasons / reasons change,  just like so called Julian Assange type  treasons change personas. 

Spring Equinox effects are still felt even as Aries season comes to a close;  bad cards are dealt by gamblers out for a fast buck,  check the ongoing dramas. 

Maintaining composure as Dalai Lama peace pursuits oppose evil offshoots!!  the devil and his advocates want us to yield. 

Check the exposure, as they try to interfere with God's work per Him blessing us in the city and the field!!

They fear this "Real Deal Holyfield"  type of business,  they don't know what to make of it. 

They fear this "Real Deal Holyfield" type of business; at the end of the day they see we're not fake with it.

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