Thursday, April 25, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.2

Back on the set again, rejuvenated!! parts on the hooptie / mothership were lubricated!!  breakbeat scientific matters?  we're begetting. 

Oh yes!! a brotha gets scientific but like Kim Jong Un meeting Vladimir Putin jokers are plotting and scheming; damn!!  they're back at it,  once again!! per Throwback Thursday, history repeating?  we weren't forgetting. 

Due to seasons / reasons changing as we move into Taurus Season? we're rejuvenated, not stopping / quitting / forfeiting the game; like Joe Biden throwing his hat into the presidential race you  might as well say we're all in.

Who's for or against us? due to treasons circumventing is practiced, even by corporate types vs Bernie Sanders! damn!! where did the mothership land us!!  might as well say we're all in.

Who's for or against us? reasons will vary, O-Dizzle  worked it all out / practiced!! it's rough up in this sport!!  somebody will understand us when we say we're not balling!!

Throwback Thursday or any day? O-Dizzle is  hip hopping  / jazzing and housing!!  check the sound,  boundaries are falling. 

That's the digital crate digging part  but check this good word;  O-Zone has that borderline belligerence. 

Those that hate aren't digging it!!   thoughts of closing the border like Trump cross the minds of the thought and fashion police.

 Rejuvenated, but we couldn't be at ease!!  tried to get peace to be still but like Trump promising to not cooperate with subpoenas from Congress it was elusive.

 ..but we continue to ease on down the road, we keep it moving doing what's conducive.

Rejuvenated, supposedly like the career of  Damian Lillard after he hit that game winning last second shot against the OKC Thunder.. 

Still hated like pundits vs Russell Westbrook; but still trying to get my hustle on there's no rest for a crook!! rejuvenated!! per Throwback Thursday? like Compton's Most Wanted  featuring MC Eiht we're not trying to let the hood take us under...

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