Friday, March 22, 2019

We Should Already Know PT. 9

It's going down on this Flashback Friday; per this Friday Feeling we continue to look to the hills where our help cometh from per Psalm 121:1

How did others play? they continue to look to Robert Mueller to see what he'll do; bruh!! the outcome might not be a good one..

We should already know how it'll  go; Fox Mulder and Dana Scully dropped knowledge on the X-Files..

.....after they checked the flow during investigations while a fool will implement instigations like Trump, Israel and the Golan Heights; check the styles.. 

I let them know what their best bet was even though per March Madness NCAA brackets were busted, plus ongoing rackets couldn't be trusted; this is not Las Vegas.

We should already know per being out here dealing with the madness;  peeping game,  how we're they trying to play this?

We should already know the strategy; told myself, let me pray about this then we'll keep it moving!!

We should already know the strategy;  told myself God is in control per Proverbs 19 :21,  every day he's showing and proving!

Check the strategy, the dude O-Dizzle jammed on it like Newcleus; per Flashback Friday we're not acting brand new with this!!  you're now rocking with the best. 

Check the strategy / the dizzle; the attitude of naysayers?  just bandits stealing your aura, burglarizing it!!  with the hustle knocking they stressed.

Check the strategy / the dizzle;  the attitude of naysayers?  mad because we're blessed,  just following the assignment the Lord gave us. 

We should already know!! the latitude determined by this attitude!!  staying positive,  high maintenance!!  negatively couldn't afford us.

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