Sunday, March 03, 2019

4hero Featuring Face ‎– Look Inside

Sunday Jazz Continues!! oh yes!! this is how it's going down on a rainy day down here in Atlanta..

It's the perfect atmosphere for a day of reflection / internal - external inspection; somebody might understand a brotha!!

Working it / taking it there!! from section to section / city to city / state to state / from here in the ATL to out in the galaxy..

Working it / taking it there!! sonic insurrections are underway as we let the music play!! sounds are used to expose the fallacy..

Working it / taking it there!! some tried to get foul with me, exposed when I took 4hero Featuring Face and their advice;  I Look Inside

Working it / taking it there!! listening to some of this good future jazz / broken beat / drum and bass that's in our face; for freedom? we'll still ride...

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