Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ivan Conti ‎– Poison Fruit

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse a dude as he continues to get it in, as the opportunity arises..

The saga / struggle continues, the attitude is whatever, like the Mueller Report that dropped today there are no surprises..

Compromises from those thick as thieves? a joker will act brand new with you in this sport as he or she deceives...

Per putting it down from Louisville to Brazil by way of the ATL?  O-Zone rises to the occasion;  now they say I'm trying to act brand new as a dude achieves..

O-Dizzle receives the baton, so once again it's on!! we're listening to this latin jazz / jazzdance / deep house music from Azymuth collaborator Ivan Conti  with a track ‎called  Poison Fruit

It's co-written and co-produced by Daniel Maunick son of Jean-Paul Maunick also known as Bluey from Incognito so you know it's nice,  as he follows suit!!

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