Monday, March 04, 2019

It Keeps Flowing PT.10

It keeps flowing on this Monday Morning, even during the inclement weather; much respect to families in Lee County Alabama affected by the tornadoes...

It keeps flowing as we morph over into March, check the madness and it's not related to college basketball tournaments; bounties led to the drama,  just see what it do / what it does..

It keeps flowing!! y'all probably heard me say this before,  but it's rough out here for a player!!

It keeps flowing!! problems will be on all fronts,  from here in the ATL to Venezuela. 

It keeps flowing, some risk going back home like Juan Gualdo threatened by Nicolas Maduro so what it do / what can I tell ya that you probably don't already know?  unless of course  you're not paying attention. 

It keeps flowing, even a black man can't have any peace demonized or they're being feminized per appearances on award shows like Billy Porter;  it shows but who's paying attention? 

It keeps flowing, this black man is not surprised by the proceedings / knowing how the sport will go!! now laying in the cut after playing this and that dimension,  undergoing recuperation. 

It keeps flowing, not playing around with the corrupt!! like John Bolton mentioning Venezuela they're all about pillaging and plundering;  so called renumeration. 

It keeps flowing!! we're all up in the village in the midst of thundering and lightening based on their lying!!  

It keeps flowing!! it takes a village to raise a child but the village idiot was wild!! soon like Prince we know what it sounds like when doves are crying.

It keeps flowing!! why ask why? just  do like me and read the TelePrompTer. 

It keeps flowing!! we're coming through / we keep doing what we do!!  right on time / prompt for ya.

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