Saturday, March 09, 2019

Nu-Disco Funk Mix March 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Night; of course we'll have this Saturday Night Fever thing going...

Not rolling like John Travolta with the flare slacks or the BeeGees talking about staying alive though that's the business; we're trying to keep this thing going!!

See how some are rolling, a lightning volt will strike a liar I see them talking all that jive! they weren't  real about it like Malcolm Brogdon talking about Milwaukee..

..or maybe they're rolling  Paul Manafort or Michael Cohen, like I mentioned before It Keeps Flowing; whose fault will it be? 

Expanding in this sport, getting open!! going for what we're knowing!! the O-Dog Day Party has been underway this whole weekend so we'll keep it moving!!

We're listening to this Nu-Disco Funk Mix March 2019 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams; check out the playlist and the mix he's jamming / grooving!!

1. Tommy Glasses - Matter of Time 2. Tommy Glasses - Alright 3. Candido - Dancin' And Prancin' (The Reflex Revision) 4. TW Funkmasters - Love Money (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision) 5. Mannix ft Sheree Hicks - No Wonder (FAM Disco Remix) 6. Seb Skalski - In Da Mix 7. Smoke & Mirrors - Top Bunk Boogie 8. Lup Ino - I Never Felt 9. Stefan Groove ft Tameka Jackson - Do You Want It Right Now (Dancing Divaz Remix) 10. Dave Leatherman & HP Vince - Not Giving Up (Nu Disco Mix) 11. Moon Rocket & Re-Tide - Love Is The Message 12. Skyy - Here's To You (Dr Packer Multi Track Mix) 13. Lup Ino - You Can't Lose 14. DJ Mark Brickman - Inside Out

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