Tuesday, March 05, 2019

We Should Already Know PT.4

Writing this on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can swing either way..

Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective, but it's a blessing to be here so respect it!! we should already know!!  after observing the scene we're ready to roll / we're on our way!!

But I see how some were trying to play; jokers were cavalier like Cleveland or maybe like  Virginia Cavaliers beating down Syracuse;  they tried to Zoom through Babylon  like the Commodores

Have no fear was the mantra,  even though Cleveland no longer had Lebron or others were losing me by rocking Klan suits or blackface like officials in Virginia behind closed doors. 

We should already know;  close scores don't establish toughness;  moral victories don't replace actual ones. 

We should already know;  closed doors didn't mean truths wouldn't come to light; Democrats were conducting so called  "witch hunts" against Trump  looking for actual ones? 

We should already know, but jokers tried to dip through the danger zone like they had it going on!!  but damn!! as they gather / hunt  they didn't notice the yellow caution lights blinking. 

Brokers were rocking White Helmets or dressed in lime green or yellow safety vests; damn!!  I couldn't even rest,  I checked the instrument panel;  lights were blinking

It's going down from the Helmand Province in Afghanistan on over to Syria / from to France to Venezuela!! even here in the ATL, so damn!! these blue ribbon panels will make it hard out here for a player. 

But we should already know "how it go"; check the mass hysteria!! circumstances are debatable, so we're going to say a prayer.

We should already know, in my last episode I mentioned the flow; we'll just have to do the knowledge..

We should already know!! This Is America was was mentioned by Childish Gambino; do the knowledge!!

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