Sunday, March 17, 2019

Don Byron - Tuskegee Strutters Ball

Sunday Jazz Continues on a sunny Sunday afternoon here in Atlanta; some may be celebrating St. Patrick's Day..

This dude is chilling out in the lab playing a tune or two; check Twitter, I even posted up a track celebrating Nat King Cole's birthday!!

Broadcasting live on Sabbath Day, this work will be of the good variety nothing evil; frustrating  the Pharisees and Scribes..

O-Dizzle? sounds blasting and math is dropped by O-Zone!!  that's how we'll play,  check the vibes..

What's the dizzle/? doing this for the tribes, playing Don Byron with his track called  Tuskegee Strutters Ball

What's the dizzle/? this is from the Don Byron album called Tuskegee Experiments; of course back in the day the US Public Health Service was ill with it but this is on another level; check out the players and the track y'all..

Bass – Lonnie Plaxico
Clarinet – Don Byron
Drums – Ralph Peterson, Jr.
Guitar – Bill Frisell

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