Monday, March 25, 2019

We Should Already Know PT.10

Digital crate digging continues on this Music Monday,  along with these random thoughts being expressed. 

The saga / struggle continues on this Monday Morning!! you should already know!!  per Rose Royce did love abandon us? damn!! it seems  the masses are stressed. 

The saga / struggle continues as  snitches confessed;  but you should already know  like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen they're halfway cooperating with the prosecution. 

Similar to Robert Mueller vs Trump administration officials with no collusion as the conclusion? responses were deficient / inefficient,  check the justice obstruction.

Don't act brand new with a brotha this is word from a hot messenger!!  another hot mess for ya contributing to the confusion?  naw!!  this is breakbeat scientific business.

Don't be mad at me!! you can't put trust and faith in these institutions!! I'm not impressed with their functions, you should already know;  it is what it is.

You should already know!! jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern like O-Dizzle mentioned? some of these folk  were trying to do too much!!  they had too much going on.

You should already know!! it was a hot mess!!  like my blog I'm asking what's really going on?

Word from the Brotha O-Zone!! a smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors navigator rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, the gateway to the universe...

Danger zone moves are made as the Brotha O-Dog provided the soundtrack, intergalactic but per Dilated Peoples if  worst comes to worst my people come first..

...over here in the Eastside of Atlanta but the business is worldwide, understand a brotha? we should already know it's going down from the Golan Heights to Venezuela..

For freedom? we'll still ride but some will understand a brotha when I tell them it's hard out here for a player!!

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