Thursday, March 07, 2019

We Should Already Know PT.5

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, you should already know!!

What it do? not digging how the madness continues due to history repeating, based on knowledge we should already know!!

What it do? we should already know but like Democrats rebuking Rep. Ilhan Omar  or fronting on Rashida Tlaib for speaking truth to power I mentioned circumstances were debatable;  something about being built or torn down. 

Tripping out on these fanatics,  out there on the edge riders that didn't turn the level of scorn down. 

Dipping like we already know!!  out here doing the knowledge / dropping knowledge with this good word!! thought and fashion police collaborating with AIPAC and CPAC mention tropes trying to diminish hopes when we're colliding with devil's advocates,  operating like gatekeepers. 

Tripping!!  they're out here foul with it rolling like Paul Manafort in the sport?  per Throwback Thursday? I'm out here on I-20 in Atlanta, picture me rolling like Tupac / 2Pac?  meanwhile haters were riding on different levels similar to Hunger Games Peacekeepers. 

Slipping out of here!!  but I didn't abort my mission I'm taking it to another level per the New Moon in Pisces but to avoid the crisis I had to say  peace out to some of my brothers and sisters. 

We should already know how the sport will go!! sometimes? "ain't nothing nice" about this!! a dude is slipping out of here after peeping game or brink of disasters. 

We should already know, but sometimes dude was checking out / zoning with frequent  Pluto / Mars visitations!!   intergalactic but I don't stay long I touch back down to earth. 

Checking out the cloning and droning; fanatics perpetrate or even perpetuate, so what's it all worth? 

We should already know but like Democrats with visions of impeaching Trump the thought and fashion police / planning and zoning commissioners legislate!!  now like a Trump National Emergency we have the birth or manufacturing of drama. 

We should already know, check out how we flow!! damning if we do / don't?  please!! check these Thursday Thoughts / good words plus beats that bump, breakbeat scientific is how the work will be!!   who said we won't drop knowledge like the Dalai Lama?

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