Monday, March 11, 2019

We Should Already Know PT.6

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday, but we'll take a moment to pause for the cause..

The saga / struggle continues!! we should already know how these folk will play!! they didn't quit / stop / pause..

They thought they had it going on, but the street committee told them to "slow down son,  your killing them"  

Like ISIS strongholds attacked in Syria the thought and fashion police caught others out in those streets!! we should already know how they would play!!  gamblers were out for a fast buck,  bad cards?  they're dealing them. 

...or they're getting slick with the dice;  "it ain't nothing nice" /  I'm not feeling them!  they thought they ruled the world! 

...listening to Lauryn Hill and Nas or thought they were Ghetto Superstars listening to Mya  / ODB and Pras; it was "all lovely"  until the drama unfurled.

Spotted the shady deal / clause in the contract; another or different world? alternative or virtual realities we're examined...

Plotted / schemed? perpetrators  exposed as the devil opposed; lessons learned by pseudo  intellectuals after all the issues are examined?

Like NBA or College basketball, double teamed when they posted up?  on another level?  players we're posted up rocking suede or crushed velvet,  with issues like R Kelly? society damned them..

We should already know!!  comedians roasted some up in this piece like SNL vs R Kelly!! meanwhile O-Zone was like, what can you tell me? he dropped this good word while per Music Monday O-Dizzle played it like Newcleus;  he jammed on it / them..

We should already know!! we've got work to do like Boeing 737 Max 8 after Ethiopia, so what's determined? 

We should already know!! we've got work to do; "going for what we're knowing"; lessons? we learned them!!

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