Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Crusaders - Cosmic Reign

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  per Sunday Morning meetings we're keeping a positive perspective.. 

Positive? negative? the reign of terror was real!! after the greetings?  some act brand new with me and you, our reality was disrespected!!

New season / perspective per the Spring Equinox?  during winter? the pain connected and disconnected participants, some aren't with it; maybe the new season will lead to  a better year...

Reasons for the  treason? no pain no gain per Betty Wright is heard after the drama ocurred!! more rewards per a better fear?

O-Zone? King of Pain per the Police?  please!! the mothership swerved out in the cosmos!! gained on by police / stormtroopers? 

Now zoning; trying to get peace to be still!! a brother gets funky listening to the Crusaders Cosmic Reign!! check out the players and the track!! during the ongoing storm? I'm feeling what the funky loop does!! 

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