Monday, March 18, 2019

We Should Already Know PT.8

It's going down on this Monday Morning!!  well,  actually anytime or day; we should already know...

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances while taking chances? I mentioned earlier about how things flow..

It's going down!! check us out as we make advances;  like Beto O'Rourke with his fund raising? naw, but God is good so we'll keep praising!!  we're trying to take it there bro!!  timing is crucial.

It's going down!! check us out as we take stances!! not pimping like Mr. Nancy is on American Gods it's rough out here /  plus some are fake out here bro!! we should already know, so what it do?

Acting like we knew, as other Americans act bitter;  we Believe In God,  saw it trending on Twitter!!  why question it?  meanwhile we're busy peeping game noticed that in 2020?  the DNC is meeting in Milwaukee /  RNC in Charlotte;  right in the heart of it.

You should already know!! Malcolm Brogdon told ya about Milwaukee plus the CIAA had to leave Charlotte.

You should already know!! some folks are flagrant fouling, they're trying to start it!! please!!  we don't want a pity  party so we kept it moving as we proceed and continue.

What's up folks? we will set the O-Dog Day Party off!!  this good word and the sound is on the menu.

So what it do? jazz, funk, hip hop, house music plus drum and bass will be in your face!! please!! I got out of the race,  I'm chilling out;  I gave the machine time to reset itself.

 I'm not in the race like Joe Biden recruiting Stacey Abrams in the midst of shady dealing out here in Babylon;  of course observing the scene revealed history repeating itself. 

We should already know!! misbehaving will be the order of the day!!  defeating the purpose a self fulfilling prophecy? 

 Enslaving the masses with the distractions,  check out these interactions as we drop this prophecy.

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