Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up On Their Pimping

....Dude said he was "catching up on his pimping" Mandingo style..word from Django Unchained...he was behind a little bit! 

The attitude from this dude? ...Melodies are Unchained per the Righteous Brothers...batching up something fresh!! coming with it!! carrying a sword of the apparatus is pitching a fit! 

Ready to tackle gun control?  whatcha know?  like Damascus..who has control?...oh they see how you roll!! the longitude and latitude was determined by GPS;  satellites were watching! 

Ready to roll..were on our way...but some said the wrong mood was displayed by the player!!  some were mad because he wasn't chasing! 

I heard he was in pain;  how will he play this? the ATLien said keep it pimping player!

Word from Herman Cain and David Petraeus!!  told to portray this or that role....but I was also told its not a simple I said a prayer! 

The aura was fortified...another layer;  meanwhile dude was like Big Daddy Kane...he said pimping ain't an easy thing! 

Word from another player!!...but like Morgan Stanley he was shady...understand me? the horror and terror interrupted things from the ATL to the Middle East..please!!  haters did the damn thing! 

....Now players are saying they need to catch up on their pimping! 

From Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia to Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte..I spotted cats limping!

Understand a bruh...they're not injured like Carmelo Anthony...missing Linsanity... that's the way they bounce through...

Understand a bruh..not a goodfella..just dropping this good word and bringing the sounds through...

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