Saturday, December 22, 2012

They Were Rolling!!

 They were way way out there!!  going all out!! they said they were rolling! 

Rolling like the big bodied old school 70's model Chevy Impala that was on I-20 in Atlanta doing 90 mph!!.... it was rolling!

In DC and in state capitols?  jokers were like new type gangsters; lobbied like Hobby Lobby!! old dude was heavy..but he can get foul with ya!! like or maybe unlike John Boehner he said he had connections! 

Small letters or capitals?  this good word is written!! plus the funk is Ursid Meteors ...we cosmic slopped through intergalactic intersections! 

Way way out there!!  were rolling..but wishing it was simple  as it seems!

As others go there..out there...ready for the Mayan Apocalypse?  some are rolling with the wrong team! 

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