Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its Still Going Down; Not A Damn Thing Has Changed

As we proceed and continue..its still going down..not a damn thing has changed...mentioned earlier; were in it now up to our necks! 

True indeed!! like Susan Rice vs Republicans..we continue to face opposition from the apparatus; as it disrespects! 

"It ain't nothing nice" ...word from John Boehner concerning fiscal cliffs? whats up with him? meanwhile this brotha is trying to climb back up...he keeps on cashing reality checks; I told you...not a damn thing has changed! 

Authorities try to detain ya; they said you were blasting pistols like North Korea and their missiles;  no time to eat turkey chili with the enemy;  the relationship is estranged! 

Hostile takeovers in territories similar to Syria made us develop coping strategies...check how we work these...whats the deally?  beats banged and this good word is dropped; as we put it down like this!

 Hot styles used to tell these stories / clearance rack epiphanies!! just in time for the holiday we put it down like this! 

Hot files burned for those keeping them...a new rendition?  trying to sweat the swag / steelo! 

Hot styles learned up in Louisville / Newburg; but I'm more than a fly Negro! 

Hot dials and buttons we go for what we know...keeping it sonic revolutionary!

Its going down!! that's the deal..trying to merge with God's will!!  check the intelligent design..the process is evolutionary!

Its going down...but not a damn thing has changed...the problem or solution will be in the same vicinity..

Its going down...but not a damn thing has we still exercise diplomatic immunity...

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