Friday, December 14, 2012

What Just Happened?

Its going elementary school massacres in Connecticut ...whats up with it? damn!! now some are flabbergasted!! heard asking; damn!!!  what just happened? 

I was a step ahead as the drama unfurls...but intergalactic..just now touching down on earth; the mothership?  I was strapped in! 

Holiday season? please!! check the hostile takeovers that occur like in Egypt...these clearance rack epiphanies are put down..but not bubble wrapped and shipped out on the FedEX and UPS! 

Some are mad!! hot due to the trouble wrapped around their minds!! things were complex!! soon they remembered how simple it was! 

....dealing with those that are nefarious like Assad in Damascus; rocking various ways and means of knocking hustles! 

The new moon in Sagittarius encouraged some..others encouraged themselves per the gospel song by Donald working out..rocking muscles! 

Whats up with this? you've got to be strong to survive per Jerry Butler! 

Were out here!! some are asking...what just happened? please!! were transmitting live...but it "ain't nothing nice" ...its not smooth like butter!

Were out here!!  dealing with another devil!! please!!  its so much drama in the ATL its hard being O-Diz-zle! 

The drama goes down!!  next level dramatics occur..some ask what just happened? please!!  the reign began with a drizzle!

Now plans the new look LA Lakers...fanatics were good fakers..soon they're caught out there like John McAfee..

Asking somebody....what just cashing checks based on reality... 

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