Monday, December 31, 2012

2012; Whats The Prognosis?

These funk doctors conduct observations...2012 has come to a close;  whose asking about the prognosis?

Dr Dunkenstein credentials!!  like Darrell Griffith..a Louisville brotha carrying a sword of truth...hitting up these nations and different situations; the assignment?  I chose this!

Official with this...trying not to fall off fiscal cliffs; but the devil will oppose this..I was taught that by the old school baptist preacher! 

...up in Newburg!! much respect to Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg; may the healing process reach ya! 

Grew up with hood goodfellas; but we emerge out of the darkness; noticed a lot of folks are still waiting! 

Didn't merge with the apparatus..what did they tell us? please!! Deliberate Falsehoods are going down...its easy to get fired like NFL coaches;  check how we approach this....we kept it moving while others were still hating!

 Check the status..we didn't urge some; they were still stargazing!!  said its so amazing like Luther!

Whats the prognosisupgraded like Android 4.2 Jelly Beans? observing these ready to roll ..but I noticed lethal doses were administered by jokers like Lucifer!

Jokers act like they knew this bruh....but check how I roll.. I'm a Midwest bruh  down here in the ATL! 

I analyzed the information...checking it out like observing Quadrantid meteor showers;  2012...approaching the last hours..some are paralyzed in the situation; coping strategies fail! 

Some fell for the okey doke...meanwhile beats and English are broken as I handle business! 

....before it handles me; losses and defeats analyzed as I determine the prognosis!

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