Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chilling Out / Laying In The Cut / Minding and Tending PT.2

Whats up with it?  dude was chilling out!! not a super hero like Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained;  your dude was just laying in the cut!

 Minding and tending...O-Dog rocks...O-Zone maintained..but I spotted players hoping they'll make the team; praying they'll make the cut!

Word from Notre Dame vs Alabama...whose caught up in the drama? these light workers were spraying light into the cut, on those  jokers who were waiting in the dark! 

Others were at the starting point  like Boxing Day sales in the UK;  whose waiting for the green light per John Legend vehicles waiting in park!

 Brothas like me were in the heart of this thing...rocking it..that's how we play...but not anointed; no urban legend, no fame, or notoriety! 

Brothas like me were in the heart of this winter storms in the US;  some were caught up in the game..while I exercised diplomatic immunity! 

Your dude dipped back to the community...laying in the cut..minding and tending...after I went back to the source;  a bruh was cruising down Broadway up in Louisville! 

Attitudes were like whatever!! but some are winning some are losing; word from Robert Griffin III!!  you heard? meanwhile this brotha had to chill! 

Longitude and latitude were calculated by satellites;  was it like the Eye In The Sky per the Alan Parsons Project?  I knew the deal so check the insights! 

Laying in the cut...minding and tending...from the Park Hill projects in Louisville to to settlements in Palestine..knowing the apparatus was corrupt; suspending privileges and rights!

Chilling out / laying in the cut / minding and tending  is the status; as we do this!! Flashlights like Parliament were shining! 

Laying in the cut!! but soon back at this..intergalactic like Quasars ...shining!

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