Sunday, December 30, 2012

Going Through The Rites and Rituals / As 2012 Ends

Were all up in the spot; 2012 is coming to a close...I still see players going through their rites and rituals! 

They went on with their bad selves; like the  GOP and fiscal cliff talks; ...a player wasn't pimping he just stalks...more than global warming is making it hot; a drunk smells like Kentucky distilleries!!  plus smokers smell like reefer; I see a bunch of habituals!

Louisville barely beats Kentucky...the system tries to corrupt me...Superstorms like Sandy make some lose it!! so I guess jokers need these and those medications! 

Dorms are under attack like the crisis in Syria...check the mass hysteria....calling cards and evidence gave us the indications! 

No benevolence!! like Dos Santos beaten by Velasquez in UFC 155;  now caught up in unpleasant situations!!  all up in the system / matrix! 

Some are caught up..chilling / staying thirsty like Dos Equis drunk by Santa after Christmas......while others are trying to deal with this;  going through rites and habituals fake it!

Its all love? please!! you'll get shoved off the subway platform;  I couldn't take I dipped on them!

Where you at? that was the question per Jennifer Hudson; whats up with them? slick surfaces they slipped on! 

....wearing Stacy Adams and Steve Maddens; going through rites and rituals...its easy to come undone! 

They damned us if we did or didn't!!  but we kept it moving..we  had a nice run! 

"It ain't nothing nice" though..some rites and rituals conjure up bad spirits! 

Check the cosmic karma; reality checks are files
are full of demerits!

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