Friday, December 28, 2012

We Kept It Moving / As We Proceed and Continue

As we proceed and continue...we kept it moving...starting a new chapter at the point of the Winter Solstice! 

True indeed!!  the Mayan Calendar ended...meanwhile in the lab? the funk was playing....O-Dizzle blended it; putting hip hop, jazz, and soul in this! 

As we proceed and continue!! check out how we roll with this; dangerous type funk is dropped like my grand son's smelly diapers!

 ....Plus we tell where the danger is; like the Gloucester Township police station that was shot up...PE told you what the hype is! 

Plus we told where the stranger heard their doctrine..told you not to believe it..check the information overload...word from Flavor Flav! 

What was achieved? not much in DC..during the ongoing negotiations  Republicans misbehave...

What was told you? deceived by it!! somebody mentioned going off a fiscal cliff! 

What was sold you? now in long lines at the service desk! whose at your service with this? energy processed from the Great Rift!

 Check out how we hold you down!!! check out this great gift dropped on the masses! 

Check the good word in conjunction with funk seminars and classes!

As we kept it moving..we stay in motion moving are we proceed and continue...

As we kept it moving...2013 is here...time for showing and proving...acting like we knew... 


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