Friday, December 14, 2012

I Had To Back Away From The Buffet

 The occasion was similar to eating at Ryan's or Golden Corral.. but not the one in Casper Wyoming...whatcha knowing? I had to back away from the buffet! 

I was Audi 5000...ghost like Casper..I heard the persuasions similar to hard sales;  what were spirits fed? now some are like Syria holding chemical weapons...but I knew how chefs in Hells Kitchen would play! 

The caste of a thousand was cutting up!! shooting it out like in Portland and Connecticut..indications of where spirits were led were right in front of me! 

Was the instigation  due to waiting in the dark? after being misled didn't give a hater the right to front on me!

Stimulation was received due to the hating...McCain vs Rice made me remember "it ain't nothing nice" led me to back away from the buffet! 

Inspiration due to relating led to this good word!! plus O-Dizzle let the music play! 

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