Sunday, December 23, 2012

1 Hour Long Blackmill Chillstep Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues...on this Christmas Holiday is hectic...but we got something to "break it down with" ...checking out this Blackmill Chillstep Mix per I Am Wounded Duck on You Tube..

....I know!! Blackmill is considered a drum and bass / dubstep artist...but this mix has jazz / chill out elements in folks can't really front saying its this or that!! I consider it to be next level jazz! check out the tracklist and the mix for maximum "chill out" results..


0:00 Blackmill - Embrace
5:05 Blackmill - Friend
10:26 Blackmill - Fortune Soul
13:35 Blackmill - Home
21:10 Blackmill - Lucid Truth
25:38 Blackmill - Love At Heart
30:46 Blackmill - The Light
36:20 Blackmill Feat. Cat Martin - Don
42:55 Blackmill Feat. Veela - Let It Be
48:17 Blackmill Feat. Veela - Life
54:00 Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix)
58:32 Blackmill Feat. Lollievox - Journey
1:03:18 JCB - Embracing Solitude (Blackmill Remix)
1:08:53 Blackmill - Relentless 

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