Friday, December 21, 2012

Still Way Way Out There

We were roaming the the Sutter's Mill meteorite.. damn!!  we were way way out there! 

In Rome? we didn't do as the Romans do...we chill...jokers didn't like our response like we were the somebody is mad!!  they said "we ain't right" were out of there!

 But not roaming aimlessly...the fresh vision combines with a sense of the game will be played at another level! 

The Mayan Doomsday  gets played another way..though James Holmes and Adam Lanza types heat things up..that's what it do when dealing with another devil! 

Mafioso types weren't playing around!! like Jimmy Hoffa...another shovel used to put a snitch in the ditch! the flow is interrupted by stormtroopers clocking; rolling like the South Sudan army shooting down UN helicopters...thought and fashion police were just hackers introducing a matrix glitch! 

O-Dizzle wasn't the norm;  beats?  he loops those!! inspired by Pluto and Mars expeditions! 

Way way out there!! affected by the Uranus Pluto back on earth; the frontlines of spiritual warfare!! to the Lord we send petitions!

As we go there..approaching a fiscal cliff..actually we jumped over it a long time ago...

Soon we were ran over by the bus we were thrown we know how it go...

Not operating like some kind of fly Negro..with drama like Django Unchained

Way way out there...check the swag / steelo...soaking up a cloak of invisibility...a brotha maintained..


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