Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rites and Rituals / The Sonic Assault Edition

Its the holiday season...they had us coming and going;  they even had us on the clock!

How did some play? NRA had a reason for Sandy Hook were going through the rites and rituals;  hustles they'll knock!

How did some play? O-Dizzle will rock..but who understands a crook like Adam Lanza?  others were charged with gets hectic like in Egypt...rights and privileges for habituals were limited;  soon they vanish! 

How did we play? check the clearance rack epiphanies  ..just in time for this season...insights are dropped as we deal with this; survival is the key..were blessed;  so we manage! 

Going through the rites and rituals..the Christmas Eve Edition..previously mentioned Black did some deal with these? those stressed were like damaged goods sold at salvage stores! 

How will this black man try to play? keeping it low key...those who confessed or snitched are now called whistle blowers; out here in the Babylon wilderness a so called savage per Billy Burke attacked  with this message..check the gospel per the Sonic left bruises, cuts, and sores! 

How did a black man deal with this? he loses in some Nigeria pipelines burn..but minerals were enriched; prices soared!! somebody mentioned price gouging! 

Gamblers were out for a fast buck;  now they're somewhere lounging!

...Others wishing it was a simple thing;  when going through the rites and rituals! 

Some fronted like Street Fighter or even Mega Man;  whats up man? some are even in the shoe game...exhibiting behavior of habituals! 

We're not acting brand new in this game...these Parliament type "Flashlighters"  come through to deal with the wise and otherwise! 

Going through their rites and rituals; like John Boehner...their mouth said one thing but their actions speak otherwise!

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