Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth

Carrying the Sword of Truth....after doing Higgs Boson type knowledge...jumping and recognizing!

Not on one accord..I had proof..but not of the Mayan Doomsday;  I was in the midst of so many falsehoods..some situations I'm rectifying! 

Deliberate falsehoods were exposed!! how did these jokers play a Plan B fiscal cliff plan? somebody was lying!!  plus thought and fashion police were specifying their position!

Please!! its like Philly's blocking for Mike Vick..going to the Jets? I checked out the harsh condition! 
Whose acting false in the hood? rocking out!! maybe Madoff's younger brother can tell us..
A hater tried to tell me that its all good!!  but soon knocking the hustle like John Boehner...with a fresh view and fresh vision I knew otherwise; coping strategies will fail us...
Checked the victims of circumstances...history repeats...but jokers just had to love the skin they were in!! even though they were jacked up! 

Brokers said you just love to win!! so they placed bets..but then like the Dallas slacked up! 

The other team racked up points on you; like Jason Terry they were talking you try to play in the last quarter! 

You plot and scheme like other danger zone residents;  straight up out of order! 

I was outside the border..outside the box; sharpening my sword ..admitting it was rusty!

For freedom? I go all out!! carrying the sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods; who will trust me?

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