Monday, December 24, 2012

Zoning / The Christmas Eve Edition

Chilling out / zoning; but not like city or county agencies!

Christmas Eve in the city...reality still showing no need to go to the mall..I've got these clearance rack epiphanies

Still trying to achieve...its like Grand Theft Auto 5 the way were dipping through the city...O-Zone has the sword of truth...bringing these...  

Zoning and Planning commissions sins of omission or commission lead to demolitions like Breezy Point after the super storm...not like Atlanta City Councils not on point...they're flagrant with these!

 Cloning and erasing these? ignoring Agent Smith from the Matrix types;  whats up with Adam Lanza types?  plus the NRA is slick with it!! steering committees and blue ribbon panels hold discussions! 

Droning like Pakistan and Somalia? coming to a city near you;   stormtroopers get foul with ya!! lasers shot from satellites bounce off solar panels; jakes were hustle knocking!!  check the interruptions! 

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was rocking letting you know about the corruptions? like India and Russia defense deals; the prophetess hipped me to the outlaw status! 

Whats up son? I felt the pressure....but this is on the house;  no profit in this!!  were dealing with the apparatus!

Zoning!! on Christmas Eve...last minute shopping going down..others felt the pressure...but were back with this after setting up contingency plans! 

Zoning!! jokers try to deceive...but check out how we act with this! wise to these set ups in these hostile lands! 

...Hot styles when the mothership lands on earth!!  that's how we do business! 

Bear witness to the by product as I conduct myself in an orderly fashion after zoning;  knowing what the deal is!

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