Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Just Happened? PT.2

 Some are asking; what just happened? Sandy Hook type drama was going down...

Multi-tasking in response..street funk dropped..hook lines and my own dropping this good word..its going down....

Not limelight basking...a down to earth brotha..I'm back down on earth; the mothership has landed!!  I made sure I was strapped in! 

Earthlings are acting out from Damascus on out to Las Vegas;  now security has heightened..insecurities frightened...drama goes down;  its like damn!! what just happened?

Security pimp slapped them for encroachment;  impurities were like the New England Compounding Center! 

Diplomatic immunity is not s simple thing; wishing that it was!! some were acting brand new...confounding those in fusion centers!

Dipped back to the community due to foreclosures like in Tampa; ...looking for closure...the confusion centers on hustlers and players not updating their programs! 

Some are ready to leave the conference like the Big East...but its famine or I slipped back into the database; sampled cassettes and vinyl...O-Dizzle wasn't playing slow jams! 

Its famine or feast..some ask..what just happened? I was moving like the Toutatis asteroid..I  slipped in and out of the rat race..just enough to keep my head above water! 

Dipped on some;  the dollars that they chase validates them..soon finding out the apparatus hates them and another! 

The drama goes down!! now they're asking...what just happened?  I was on some other other..minding and tending! 

The Brotha O-Dizzle throws down; that's whats happening!!  were good word dropping and beat blending!

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