Sunday, December 23, 2012

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.3

 Scattered thoughts are collected...yes sir!! they were on an unexpected journey;  like the Hobbit!

Check the electronic thoughts transfer..not regulated by the the Federal Reserve..or G8 and G20; playing around with the money...chilling after I bruised and battered auras are fortified knowing that criminals go through their rites and rituals; supported by the NRA? they will try to steal or rob it! 

....this is similar to epiphanies on the clearance rack...was security clearance given for that? Blogster fronted on a brotha!! the job can get messy like life is;  but we continue to do it! 

The Lord will bless me if I keep it righteous;  so I act like I knew it! 

As we go through it..the galaxies;  like Sutter's Mill meteorites; space shuttles, old school  Chevy Vegas or even a Yugo!

Drunk driving drinking Sutter Home wine in a Nissan Versa?   pursuits are not trivial!! vice versa!!  so what do you know?      

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