Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We’re Back At It

We’re back at it…once again its on!!  the saga / struggle continues!

I’m on a diet..South Beach one?  naw!! avoiding a  Jacob Tyler Roberts type fanatic out in Portland  with an AR-15….just chefs in hells kitchen with their menus!

Can’t lie about it!!  Bernice on South Beach Towing will jack your ass!!  straight up and down!

Dedicated to the truth….unlike fiscal cliff talks we can’t lie about it..trying to reach the masses!!  were back at it..but society will hate on what we put down!

Dedicated to the truth; didn’t  put up with a clown like the Screen Actors Guild vs Joaquin Phoenix… I didn’t like the way they moved!

Jokers were fronting..rolling in the Range Rover or Lincoln Navigator;  holding up traffic out in Phoenix  in the SUV or Stupid Useless Vehicle;  meanwhile I’m out here in Atlanta on I-20  in the hooptie..I see what it do!!  as O-Dizzle grooved!

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